Theo came to me when he was almost 10 days old. He was a big baby, most of the newborn outfits I own did not fit him, so in a couple of pictures we used a sweater his Auntie knit for him and in many others, he was wrapped since he was not falling asleep. Sure awake newborn babies are gorgeous, but when taking pictures it can be really hard since they cannot control their own movements yet and have natural jerking reflexes which sometimes may result in funny pictures. 

I have had friends tell me that they don’t understand the wrapping in some pictures, but as a newborn photographer, I may say, sometimes it’s the only way that a baby will be happy. There is a reason for this. Newborns just got out of the womb, and for the first few days, they still miss the security, coziness, sounds, and warmth of when they were inside.

Swaddling babies makes them feel at ease, and the pictures turn out beautiful. 

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