There is no doubt in my mind that every single baby I photograph has a special place in my heart. Over the past years, I have photographed a lot of babies from all around the world and of all types of backgrounds and ages.

However, if I had to say there was one that still has my heart, it would be Mateo. Of course, I am biased, since he is my nephew. My closest cousin just became a mom. We were really close when we were young and even now, living thousands of kilometers apart, I am proud to say we still are.

I live in Nürnberg, Germany, and she lives in San Francisco, USA, but of course, that did not stop me from flying across the Atlantic Ocean to reach the USA’s west coast to meet the new addition to the family, Baby Mateo.

I shot so many pictures, and being able to choose which ones to edit was a hard task. It’s my biggest gallery up to now, how could it not, I kept taking pictures almost every day, that is when he was in a good mood of course.

This sweet little angel arrived to make me a proud auntie and to make his parents and grandma, my auntie, absolutely happy.

I miss him already but this is a selection of his bests shots.

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